On Saturday I got to do a temple session with a member I had been working with in my old area and had been teaching on Facebook. It was really awesome! I was really so proud just to see him in the temple.

I had the best dessert last night! It was homemade 😉 Marionberry pie with blackberry and vanilla ice cream.., oh my goodness.. I fell in love. Oregon food is sweet. I had two plates of it. I’m a fat kid haha.

The biggest changes I see on my on my mission are these: One is my view on the Gospel. The Gospel is simple. We obey God we get blessings. We go through trials not because God loves us, but He wants to help us grow, He knows our potential. I guess more of an eternal perspective. I was in the celestial room praying and I received a comforting answer sort of like, “Look up. Look around. All this glory will be added to you if you are firm and endure to the end. Worry not too much about earthly things because they will pass. But this, is forever.” And that’s my goal at the end of the day. To be united with my family in the celestial kingdom in a state of never ending happiness. A happiness we cannot even imagine. And I’m not perfect. I am far far far from it. But that’s why I love this Gospel and the Atonement. God loves us so much He sent His Son to die for us,  and to suffer for us so that when we fall short He can pick us up. Out of all the power and glory and majesty our Father and Christ have, Their work is to help us return to Them and become like Them. It’s a Gospel of pure love. I’ve also learned to work hard even when I don’t want to.

I love you so much.

Elder Laing