Dear Mom and Dad,
Happy St. Patrick’s day to you too! This week has been a pretty good week! We have one baptismal date for a 9 year old for the 29th, and we are working hard to keep that because Satan is trying really hard to prevent that from happening! We also found some new investigators that seem pretty interested so it has been a good week.  The area is good! It is promising and all that. Everyone calls our area “Nike” which is awesome. We live near the Nike headquarters. Yeah I’ve been eating a lot of Spanish food. We always have dinner appointments. There is a sister missionary in my area from Kingsport TN!  It’s awesome having someone from home here.
I went on an exchange this week to Portland which was really fun. I was with the other Elder S.  and we had an awesome time. For language study and lunch we just went downtown Portland because it is right beside us! We had lunch at Little Big Burger which is an amazing place, and I bought two leather ties! One red and one black! They were on sale at Urban Outfitters for $5 each so I just had to get them.. 
Glad you had fun at the Billy Joel concert.  No I can’t name any Billy Joel songs, but I heard he can’t even remember the lyrics to his own! I hope you had fun, but it can’t have been as good as Weird Al’s concert! I guess that’s good that I’m getting quoted in church! I don’t know what all I write in these “private” emails will end up public and on the blog but it’s okay haha. 
So about the brackets… This is probably the HARDEST time to be away from home.. Forget Super Bowl Sunday, that’s just one day. This, is March Madness! I think it’s ridiculous that Tennessee has to play a play-in game.. They obviously know that UT has the best chance to make a run and win the tournament so they are trying to give them an extra game to make them tired.. It’s okay though.. I’m going to fill out a bracket and then send it home to see if I can beat Dad and anyone else who wants to see how well a missionary can fill out a bracket.
 My camera is good, my shoes are dirty (missionary life) and I don’t really know how to shine them, I’m just making up a way. I have two pairs with me out here! I could probably use more proactiv, contacts, and cologne.. I’m just about out of cologne..
I love y’all!
Elder Westin Laing
Spanish Missionaries at Zone Conference!  (Can you spot Elder Laing?)