Westin called on Christmas Day. It was a wonderful call and we summed up the call as this:

Things we learned from Westin’s phone call: he loves his mission, he loves the scriptures, he loves the people he’s serving, he loves Mexican rice, he has dinner appointments almost every night ( thank you sweet people in Oregon), he can read in Spanish beautifully (he read some scriptures to us), he got lots of cards and packages for Christmas (thank you to all that sent him something), he says time is flying by, he said Sister Morby (his mission president’s wife) said their voices would sound like angels to their mothers on Christmas morning (this is true).


Westin has had a great Christmas in Oregon. He said he has enjoyed singing at the Portland Temple Visitor’s Center.  He had a great mission party with lots of food, fun and friendship.  He told us in his e-mail today that he had roast beef and crepes for Christmas dinner. 


Westin is now a facebook missionary as well.  He has a facebook page devoted to missionary work. He is allowed to answer gospel questions on his page.  To find his page on facebook search for:  “Elder Westin Laing”  He said this about facebook:  “President Morby said at Zone Conference last week that we get “mobile devices” mid-January. These are designed to let us use Facebook from them, and download our Area Book and planners on them. They are to go with us from area to area, not just to stay in the area.”


Today in his e-mail he told me about a sister missionary in Johnson City TN that lost her apartment to a fire. He was concerned for her and her companion.  They are ok, but just lost everything.  He was very much appreciative of all of the cards and packages he received at Christmas. He was so excited to hear from former teachers and students in Renaissance from Cleveland High School. 

Westin shared a video about this favorite miracle Jesus performed in the Bible.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHBo7ka3YZQ&feature=share