Our Spanish zone is singing at the Portland temple visitor’s center this Thursday night!  We are singing Christmas songs in Spanish! I am in a trio for singing Silent Night. I am bringing up the bass of course. 

Yeah I got a good number of letters and cards this week! All those letters from the high school were great!!

We had our branch Christmas party this week.  I hope you like the pictures.


Have you read “Articles of Faith” by Talmage? I really love that book right now.

My faith is in the Son of God, Jesus Christ. I know through Him, all things are possible. I have seen that out here. Through the power of God, I have healed people… literally healed them by the laying on of hands just as has been done in Old Testament and New Testament times as in James 5:14-15. I know that this is not me and my strength, but the strength of the Lord. I have seen hearts changed, and lives touched. The power of God has been made manifest in my life. Prayers have been answered, and hearts have been changed. Could all of this be done if it were not by the power of God? It is amazing to see, what can be done when one loses himself in the work of the Lord. I KNOW that this is the true church and that this is the work of the Lord. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that this Church is true. I know that this pure and perfect Gospel has been restored through Joseph Smith.  I don’t know what all my life has in store for me, but I know that the direction I will go is where the Lord takes it. That is my focus.  That is my faith, and that is my direction.”

I love you.