Mom and Dad,

  This week was exciting. M. got baptized. It was a neat experience. I gave a talk at the baptism and stood in the confirmation circle.  My former companion, Elder V. got to come back for the baptism. 


Oh yeah, remember how I told you about how I gave a Sister Missionary a blessing and she was healed? Well after our baptism, one of their investigators was there and had a bad cough.  She told her how she had a cough for like a month and then I gave her a blessing and she was healed…so they got me to give another blessing! I am excited about the power of God and how it works in our lives.

How are things in TN? How are things in the Athens Ward?  The weather is cold here. We had a little snow one day, but not enough to stick or anything. Aunt Kelly sent me homemade candy. It was great! 

We still have lots of dinner appointments. I am doing good. I love you! Keep praying for me as I will for y’all! Have a great day!


Elder Laing

PS…We gwent bowling on P Day last week.  This is a picture of the elders in our ward. Like my Uncle Si shirt?