Mom and Dad,

     I’m doing alright! The weeks are starting to go by pretty fast!  M.  who has a baptismal date committed to stop drinking coffee during our last lesson! That is the only thing holding her back! She asked for a blessing and wanted me to do the blessing part… in Spanish. So… that was difficult but fun!

    One of the Sisters is teaching me to crochet!  I don’t know what I’m making. I can only do the first step so I just have this big long string of crocheted yarn…. how was your week?

   We got the car back, they cleaned it. It was nice. So we are not on bikes anymore.  I need to take more of my Vitamin D pills!

   Our branch President invited us and the Molalla Elders over for pancakes and eggs yesterday morning before Branch Council! It was really good! The entire meeting is in Spanish and I am getting better and reporting our missionary work in Spanish at the meeting.  Oh yeah.. we used animal crackers for the Sacrament yesterday since we didn’t have bread. It was neat.

  I am eating very well! I am gaining weight and turning it into muscle!  I have a new favorite flavor of Pop-Tarts! Cookies and Cream! We do have a dinner appointment for Thanksgiving. I think we will be eating Mexican food.  This family makes the best Mexican food that we are going to eat with on Thanksgiving!  I have come to develop a love for rice!

    I e-mailed Ms. Pace and she said they were working on their Renaissance Christmas show.  She said, “You know I’ll dedicate I’ll Be Home for Christmas to you this year!!!!”  Mom you and dad need to go see their show sometime!!

    I thought you’d like to know, last Wednesday night when we played basketball, I put on my Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) beard and played basketball in it and talked like Uncle Drew from the Pepsi Max commercial! It was fun but took a toll on my voice!

   I know that this is where I need to be and what I need to be doing too. You can hear that from people all your life, but you will never really know until you see the way Christ changes some of these people’s lives. Thank you so much! I love you all so much! I’ll keep on keepin’ on!

Elder Laing (2nd Generation)