We had two investigators to church yesterday! That’s the most we have had! The other elders had 1 and the sisters had 0. Our investigator E brought her kids as well. After church she asked for blessings for her and her kids. She wanted blessings of counsel and comfort. Both of the kids wanted me to give the blessing.  So I got to give a blessing in one of those cool formations where you have a circle with the arms on the shoulder and the head! I (Or God) told my investigator’s daughter in her blessing that she would be baptized one day.

I am kind of bold now.  We met with this  guy once who kept attacking us, and I just held firm; Romney stared him, and turned his points around so it proves our Church is true. Presidente wants to go with us to visit him again this week. Fun stuff. Also we had some guys stop their car while we were walking and talk about the truth. They knew more about the Church than they let on because they asked questions that made that clear, but I was able to answer every question. By using the Bible even! By the end we gave them some materials and they said we made sense. If only I could do all this in Spanish however.

We got to go to the Portland Temple Visitor’s Center with our investigator and a family. It was very nice.


We are going up to a mall in Clackamas today for P Day. I finished reading the Book of Mormon again! It is hard for me to recognize an answer to a prayer. I guess sometimes I think I would  have some grand marvelous answer, but I figured out how answers come to me because they are different for everyone. When Elder David A. Bednar came to Tennessee when I was young I remember someone asking him what was the moment when he realized that the Church was true. He said there was never a moment, but that everything came line upon line, precept upon precept. That’s how mine is. Whenever I pray and don’t receive that answer I had in mind, I get up and go to work, and the answer always comes. In ways that I don’t even expect! I have now started reading through D&C because I have never read through those all the way.  It really helps strengthen my testimony of Joseph the Prophet and of Jesus Christ.

We had our Primary program. It was all in Spanish. The children sang, “Soy un hijo de Dios.”  It was beautiful. 

I love you Mom and Dad! Please keep up the prayers for me! I really need them!!