This week has been pretty good! I went on an exchange and our District Leader, Elder J, came down here with me. We had an awesome time. He is a great missionary, and he gave me a lot of advice about the area because he used to serve here. We had our branch “Fall Festival” party on Saturday! Those are what the pictures are of. My branch President is the one standing beside me in green. He is awesome. He is a really hard working guy who loves his family so much.  We have now 6 missionaries in the branch because we got new sisters! This week has kind of flown by. Image

While I remember!! For the whole month of December, we can listen to any Christmas CDs, so will you get me some good ones by some people that I like?

Oh yeah, I was just looking and saw this. This was President Morby’s short response to the first letter I sent him! “Elder you have all the tools to be a great missionary. Obedience will be the difference for what you can accomplish.. Love you for all you are doing.. President Morby..”

We had all that this past week! Our investigator has a  baptism date for the 14th of December! We are taking her to the Temple Visitors’ Center this week!

 Mom…have fun with Aunt Kelly at Dancing With The Stars…you get to see SNOOKI!!  I love you all very much.

Elder Laing