How are you all doing? It is getting wet and rainy here. I sent you this huge long letter in the mail today, so it should cover what I miss telling you in the email. I had an exchange this past week up to Tigard! The thing is, it’s a bike area. The other thing is, it ain’t all flat. The other other thing is, I hadn’t ridden a bike in numerous years.. My behind is bruised raw.. It was crazy! It was raining and was really windy! Of course we had a bike lane, like everywhere in Oregon, but it is kinda scary when this huge bus comes hurtling by you like 2 feet away from you. I somehow survived though!  Meme sent me $ for my birthday!  President Morby called me last night! I wasn’t able to send him our weekly email so he was just making sure I was alright. We talked about football for a minute!
I really liked my Duck Dynasty stuff I got from Mrs. Woody! I sent her thank you note in the envelope you should get this week. I went on a split with Elder C., Mom! Aren’t you and his Mom friends or something?  I also got to see Cousin Elder Stucki! He was serving in Oregon City where my area is too. He is doing well!

I am doing alright. This is still so so so super super super hard, but I am making it. One day at a time. I miss you all like crazy.   I know I have to have faith and hope that everything is well back home.

I am getting well fed! I think it’s the job of some of the members here to make us fat… that’s not good. How is everything back home?? I love you all so much!! Thanks for everything!

Thank you so much for the email and sports update! We probably will have one baptism coming up in a few weeks.  She has a strong desire to be baptized and she comes to church every Sunday! Other than that, we are just trying to find more people to teach!

How in the world are the Titans doing pretty well? Who is the backup for Locker? Rusty Smith? He has a terrible quarterback name.  For my birthday, which is next P-day, we are having a zone P-day where we all are playing basketball! I am going to try to find a Chili’s because I still have a $25 gift card! Also, we go to the temple this Thursday morning! Our whole zone is going. The way it is set up here, our zone covers the whole mission, and it is only Spanish elders. It is split into the North and South districts, and of course because you probably know the geography of my mission, I am in the South district. I am so excited to go to the temple!! Thanks so much! I love you all so much!
Elder Laing