This is an exert from a letter Westin sent us this week.

Dear Mom and Dad,

   Thank you so much for the letter you sent.  All is well with me.  I am starting to pick up this missionary thing!  I still have have hard times now and then, but I doing fine.  We watched The Other Side of Heaven one night for a branch missionary activity.  I like that movie a lot more now that I’m a missionary!  It really helps me realize how good it is to make the sacrifice I am making. 

   I found out that Tennessee got beat by Oregon by asking some random guy with an Oregon shirt on Saturday.   I was going to buy some Florida Natural orange juice, but I didn’t because it is Florida week.  Hopefully that game won’t be to embarrassing.  (Yikes…it was)

    Oh yeah!  Last Saturday we did service at the Canby Adult Center.  They had rented it out for a Canby Union High School 60th class reunion.  We served food and ALOT of coffee and tea in our white shirts and tie.  They gave us some prime rib afterwards as well. 

     Please send more stamps!!!  I really like having them.  How are things back home?  Is school going well?  How is church?  How is Duck Dynasty?  I bought a Duck Dynasty schedule and cup. 

     I love my Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD of show tunes.  I also love listening to the classical radio station.  (these are two types of music Westin can listen to while on his mission)

     I miss y’all a lot, but when I teach different investigators, I realize that this is the Lord’s work.  This work takes a ton of sacrifice.  Sometimes when I think it is more than I can bear, I remember Pat Summitt says we just have to “Keep on keepin’ on.” 

     While at the ward mission leader’s home I saw one Monday Night Football play. The play was where the Bengals threw a TD pass to go up on the Steelers 17-10.  I also got to play basketball on P-Day!  That felt good.

     Our apartment complex has a little gym in it.  We get to exercise every day.  I am actually starting to build some muscle!  I need to work on my pectoral muscles!

    I am getting ready to eat some Pop Tarts that you sent me with some Cran-Grape juice in my Duck Dynasty cup for breakfast.  I love you all SO MUCH!  Keep me in your prayers please.  I pray for y’all all the time. Write back soon!


 Elder Westin Laing

Below are some pictures of Westin’s apartment that he sent.ImageImage