We received this e-mail on Tuesday, Sept. 10th.  He arrived in Portland on Monday evening, Sept. 9th.  He called and talked to both of us from the Los Angeles airport before he arrived in Portland.  He saw a billboard at the airport welcoming people to the US with a picture of President Obama.  He told his Mom that we was never happier to see a picture of President Obama in his life!


I am in Portland!  I saw Bryce (Westin’s cousin from Idaho who is in the same mission) yesterday, but, I didn’t get a picture because he left before I got a chance.  I just got to talk to him for like 2 minutes! I got a big ole hug from him and he gave me a CD of hymns!  My new companion is awesome!  Yesterday I ate at a member’s house.  It was really good!  It is apparently rude in Mexican culture not to eat two plates full.  I did go grocery shopping today! And we have a car. P Day (i.e., preparation day) is Monday.  I had a good day yesterday.  I also met the Branch President!  He and his family is todo (all or every) Espanol.  Oh yeah, thank you so much for the package! I really liked it!  I love you guys so much! KEEP PRAYING for me! I really need it.  I love you guys! I will write!!


Westin with his new companion in Portland.