On September 9th, Westin leaves the MTC and flies to Portland, Oregon to serve the rest of his mission (until Summer 2015).  So his time at the MTC is winding down, and, as you tell from this week’s e-mail, he is ready to get to Portland.


This week has been like every other week!  It seems to have flown by!  I am so ready to get to Portland next week!  We went to the temple again today which was really awesome. I have now been to more Spanish sessions than English!  I can understand about 70% of the temple session now!  The food here is pretty good!  Lunch is ALOT better than dinner.  I am learning a lot about the Gospel and about Spanish!  I am already 1/24 through my mission!  There is nothing new to report.. just killing mosquitoes every now and then.  I almost have it down to an art!  It is nasty though when they have just feasted on a human, you smack it, and get blood on your hands.  Oh well, Portland awaits me! The photograph below is a tie trading party.  We had about 40 elders in our house that night to exchange ties.  I’ll talk to you on Monday!!  Thank you so much Mom and Dad!  I love you guys so much!!