I’m good! This week has been an awesome week!   I play basketball alot now.  Everyone calls me Ginobili here when I play.  My district is pretty cool!  We all get along great.  Have you seen the new Life of Christ videos with that new looking Jesus?

My companion and I blessed the sacrament, not this past Sunday, but the Sunday before in Spanish during our sacrament meeting while the MTC President and his wife were in there.  That was nervewracking.  I gave a talk in Spanish last Sunday, half in Spanish half in English.  I wasn’t nervous at all!  If you talk or teach by the Spirit, you won’t get nervous.  I spoke about Alma 26!  It is a very good missionary chapter just in case you need it sometime.  I really like dressing up in a shirt and tie every day though.

I got Dad’s letter with the Sports Illustrated pages!  For language study, I am trying to translate the pages.  Being a district leader is good.  I like being able to teach once a week.

The taco story… our houses are cleaned by these native Mexicans so one day we talked to ours and asked how much money street tacos were, having seen the stands from the bus on the way to the temple.  We ended up giving him 120 pesos for 12 tacos which he brought to us the next morning.  They were really good!  They came with this hot salsa which was REALLY good!  



I can’t believe I have under 2 weeks until I go to Portland!  I saw Elder Tidwell a few times and chatted with him some.  He left yesterday I think for Pocatello, Idaho.  Each Sunday for breakfast, the cafeteria has “Boing” which are juice boxes made here in Mexico.  This past Sunday we snuck 112 back to our casa (it’s not stealing when they are free, right??)  Didn’t the prophet command us to take up food storage??  If one of these earthquakes we get every other day were serious, we would be set!!!   So now we have drinks when we want!  

“Yo se que el Libro del Mormon es verdadero.  El Libro de Mormon tiene muchos ejemplos a cerca de fe en Jesucristo.  Mediante la Expiacion de Jesucristo, familias pueden ser eternas.  Yo se que Dios es nuestro Padre Celestialy Jesucristo es nuestro Salvador.  Oracion es muy poderoso porque nosotros podemos hablar con Dios sobre nuestros problemas y desafios.  Estoy feliz porque yo voy a Oregon en dos semanas.  Mi proposito es invitar a las personas a venir a Cristo al ayudarlas a que reciban el Evangelio Restaurado mediante la fe en Jesucristo y Su Expiacion, el arrepentimiento, el bautismo, la recepción del don del Espiritú Santo, y perserverar hasta el fin.”  I know that the Church is true.  The love that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father truly have for us is too much for us to comprehend.  The Lord has worked a mighty change in my heart according to my faith, as I am so excited now to get to Portland and invite others to come unto Christ.  The more I constantly learn about Christ and his atoning sacrifice, the more I feel His love.

I have to go now!  I love ya’ll too!  Go Vols!  Wear orange on Saturday!