It has been another awesome week here!  I have been made district leader of our district!  Our former district leader became zone leader, so, I am the district leader now!  We had the first ever live broadcast MTC devotional last night.  It was from the Marriott Center in Provo, and Richard G. Scott spoke.  It was broadcast to MTCs around the world and he gave an apostolic blessing on the missionaries learning a new language that included giving us the gift of tongues.  We will see how that goes!  By the way, a photographer from the Church News came and took pictures of our district last week.


I got yours and Meme’s letter last week, but none since.  A bunch of people said they wrote me though.  I am having a blast here!

I have enough money!  Stuff is really cheap here.  I can get this awesome sleeve of 20 cookies for 11 pesos which is like less than a dollar.

I do not know half of what these people say.. they speak Español.  The language is coming along.  I still need to work on past tenses and future tenses of verbs and such. . . as well as some more grammar points, but I have a lot of time to learn!  I visited the clinic this week with a sore throat.  The clinic lady only spoke Spanish and that was fun. They gave me meds and I am better now!  The whole ATM is in Spanish which makes life very fun.  I also bought a small Predicad Mi Evangelio or Preach My Gospel.  I am also reading Jesus the Christ which is so interesting now that I can understand, and that the Holy Ghost has opened my mind to understanding it!  That book is so cool. It really sort of explains how the whole Trinity question down South can be answered.


Westin’s daily schedule

Oh yeah, last P-day I played football with a bunch of the guys here.  I was wearing my orange so they called me Peyton Manning

I fall asleep around 10:50pm and get up at 6:30am!  The food here is pretty good!  Nothing like at home though!  I got a lot of emails this week!  I get worked like crazy!  I have never been more tired at night!  The purified water is ok!  The mosquitoes haven’t been bothering me hardly at all lately.  You just have to fall asleep to random gunshots and sirens, but other than that it is all good!  We are safe.  It is barbwired on both sides of the fences here… send me some pictures from back home of you all and everyone at church!


Wearing the tie the missionaries in Athens gave him before he left.

Some here in my district watched Duck Dynasty back home so we quote it all the time.


The elders in Westin’s district.

I have to go now, I´ll talk to you next week!  Don’t worry about me, I am doing just fine and having a blast!  I love you all so much!  I am working to make you all proud!  I hope I get some more letters trickling in this week!  I will try and send some when I learn how!  Keep me in your prayers, and you all are definitely in mine!

Yo se que Jesucristo es mi Salvador y mi Redentor. Tambien yo se que el Libro de Mormon es muy marvilloso y verdadero. Me encanta la opurtunidad servir a Dios! Les amo mi familia y amigos!

Elder Laing