After flying with Westin to Mexico City, we left him with MTC workers and two other missionaries.  Within 2 hours, while we were waiting at the Mexico City airport for our flight to Cancun, we received our first e-mail from Westin, or Elder Laing.  This is the text of his e-mail:

July 30, 2013

Hey y’all!  It is 4:34 pm and we have just got off the bus here at the MTC.  Just about all the workers speak Spanish… haha.  We picked up a couple of more elders and one sister and away we went through the crowded streets of Mexico City!  Just as I finished typing that sentence, some missionaries came through that have one week left and told us to keep our heads up high the first few days, then we will be fine.  This MTC is HUGE.  I haven’t met any of my other missionaries that I am with yet.  I hope you all are doing fine waiting to fly to Cancun!! Mom, I know you’ll get this tonight.  I love you guys!  I’ll talk to you guys later!  Remember, expect miracles.
Elder Laing